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2015 Rewind.

2015 rewind

I know it’s been said so many times, but I honestly think it is crazy how fast 2015 went by. I had a pretty lengthy to-do list this year, and I am happy to say that I checked off the majority of the list. I am not going to lie though; there were lots of highs and lots of lows. There were some challenges, both expected and unexpected. But there were plenty of moments with laughter and bliss, enough to make up for any of the rough patches. Here is a little recap of my 2015.


Something really sad happened to me at the beginning of the year, something I rarely like to talk about. It was an ordinary January day when I decided to go in for a little trim. Between the chit-chatting and a little snip here and there… I somehow ended up with a bob. My so-called LOB (aka long bob) had become a BOB. My hair barely brushed my shoulders, but the moment that got me was realizing that I COULD NO LONGER PUT MY HAIR UP IN A PONYTAIL. It still haunts me to this day, but its okay— in the end I know it made me stronger.



February was pretty uneventful. Actually January-March was probably the most uneventful time of my life— I was slave to my master’s thesis. Here is a picture of probably the most eventful thing that took place. I made myself cookies and bought myself flowers for Valentines Day. How thoughtful of me.

valentines day cookies


March actually was a bit more exciting and I got to mix a little work with play. Here is a picture of me on spring break by myself because I was the only person I knew with a spring break. But hey, I guess I really can’t complain.

spring break 2015


Nolan turned the legal age of 3 on April 3 (that is 21 in dog years ya know).

dog birthday

And then it was April 7. This one’s a big one for me. Probably the best day of my young life so far. This was the day of my Master’s Thesis Defense Seminar. I feared this day ever since the first day of grad school. Even though I felt like throwing up for a good first half of the day, there was no better feeling than walking out of that room an hour and half later, knowing that I defended the **** out of my thesis. The icing on the cake was having my mom there and seeing her tear up at the end of it…and let me tell you, that woman never cries.

Sure, only a total of maybe 4 people will read my thesis (and that’s including my parents). But it doesn’t matter; it’s a work of art to me and April 7 will forever be my thesis-versary.

daphne lefran thesis

And then came some play time…


May 1. The day I was finally free! After 3 long years, I became a Master of Science and proudly walked across the stage…while also representing the minority.

2015 graduation

2015 graduation

graduation 2015

And then came the summer of my life…Here we go:

First stop: Vegas. My first time there and I definitely was not disappointed. We also took a little detour to detox in the Grand Canyon.

las vegas encore

grand canyon

Second stop: Road trip from Arizona to Torrance, California for Memorial Day Weekend to visit my much blonder and tanner side of the family.

redondo beach

venice beach mural

Third stop: 5 days in the Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona with my aunts. The most relaxing retreat filled with hiking, hot air balloons and lots of much-needed meditation and reflection.

sedona arizona


travel sedona

Fourth stop: Tucson, Arizona to visit my mom’s side of the family that I never get to see. I spent time taking care of my Grandma and learned that old people are really just little kids at heart. I also learned that I can eat In-n-Out for 8 days straight without getting sick of it.

in n out


After my 3 week long West Coast excursion, I headed back home finally at the beginning of June…only to find out that my parents were going to Vail, Colorado that next week. So obviously, I tagged along.

colorado hike


July was my long anticipated trip to Europe with my family as well as my aunt, uncle and cousins. We spent 3 days in Paris, then embarked on a Baltic cruise that left from Copenhagen. We explored Berlin, Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Helsinki and Stockholm. We then spent a few extra days in Madrid and Sevilla before heading back home. For those counting, that’s too many countries in too little time. But regardless, it was a trip for the books— I’ll definitely be back again soon, Europe.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


August was my birthday month. I turned the big 2-5…and it felt exactly the same as any other year. I’ll be way more weirded out when I turn 26, that’s for sure.

25th birthday

And of course I wasn’t done with traveling just yet. I wrapped up the summer by going back back to cali cali for my cousin’s baby shower. California just seriously has my heart.


venice beach


I finally buckled down and set off on a new career path. This was huge for me. It’s something I had been wanting to do, and I finally bit the bullet and did it. I started two different marketing-related internships and explored different options.


I can’t sit still for long though, so in October I took two trips. I booked a flight on a Sunday that left that Friday to DC. Sometimes, the best trips are the ones that aren’t planned–that’s a fact.

washington dc travel

My second trip was a weekend in Savannah with my best friends. I fell in love with this place.

travel savannah georgia


November was a bit more settled. I spent a lot of quality time with my family, focused on my writing and also worked on the finishing touches for The Daph Exchange.


My internships came to an end in December and fortunately one of them offered me a position as a Freelance Content Writer. This world of Freelance is all new to me, but it is all so very exciting. I finally feel like I am headed in the right direction and so the more experience I get, the better.

Oh and since the trend of 2015 seems to be traveling, it should be no surprise that I went on one last trip— a week long cruise sailing the Western Caribbean.

travel jamaica

Woo that was a long one. I learned so much in 2015 about work, love, the world and myself. Traveling has fed my soul. It’s the first year in a while that I can honestly say I feel free and open to the many possibilities for my life. I’ve made some big decisions this year and feel like 2016 will be another huge year of change and growth for me. I just have to keep reminding myself to work hard, persevere, keep my loved ones close and everything else will work itself out.

Cheers to another magical year. Happy new year friends!










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