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A Thanksgiving Toast.

thanksgiving toast

It’s Thanksgiving and I must say, I’m grateful for lots of things this year.

I’m grateful that the only thing on the agenda today is to eat. And then to reheat the same food again 3 hours later and do it all over again.

I’m grateful for Snapchat filters. Shout out to the puppy and flower crown filters for letting me pretend that my skin is always flawless.

I’m grateful that dark roots are still in style. I haven’t colored my hair in months— both my wallet and I are pretty happy campers about that.

I’m grateful for these holiday scented candles I got at Target yesterday. Actually, scratch that—I’m just grateful for Target. And the fact that I live literally steps away from one.

I’m grateful for the cool breeze these past few weeks.

I’m grateful for school and all the new opportunities that have floated my way.

I’m grateful for all the casual acquaintances, unexpected experiences, and people who have accidentally—and not so accidentally—stumbled into my weird little life.

I’m grateful for how everything somehow seems to work out—even if I’m ready for it to or not, or even when I worry it won’t.

I’m grateful for kind smiles and gentle spirits. For those who hand out compassionate, warm words like everyday is Christmas. For those instants when you and another person share stories and feel unquestionably connected.

I’m grateful for red wine and my balcony with views of the skyline.

I’m grateful for the embarrassing, cringe-worthy moments that keep me grounded and the fulfilling, prosperous moments that keep me hungry.

I’m grateful for those unwanted—but very much-needed—lessons life has hurled at me.

But most importantly, I am grateful for love.

The love for the game. The love for life. The love for this year and the years that come after.

Because it’s love that makes us come alive. It’s love that fuels our passions and desires. It’s love that keeps us stirred, even when we don’t feel like moving.

It’s love that can make or break me, and I’ll forever be bound to it.

Because it’s love that has gotten me to where I am today. It’s what’s going to take me where I’m going tomorrow. It’s what’s going to steer me through the days, months and years that lie ahead of me.

With that said—

To love.

And to you.


Happy Thanksgiving y’all.

daphne lefran

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