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Season of Change

season of changeFall is known as the season of transition and change—both in the small ways and in the huge, life-altering ways.

Changes in temperature, changes in color, changes in scenery, changes in time. But this year in particular, Fall came in guns hot.

For one, my parents sold our childhood home in Orlando. We had lived in that neighborhood since 1998 and just last week my parents handed over the keys to the new owners.

My last weekend at my house was definitely bittersweet. Sorting through and boxing up everything we had collected over the years definitely brought me back. Not to mention— I am notoriously bad at saying goodbye. I can barely part with leftovers or old magazines, so leaving my childhood home was no different. It was hard. I didn’t want to box up my memories and I didn’t want to let my house go.

That’s the house where we got our first dog.
Those were the streets where I learned how to drive.
That’s the backyard where we had countless get-togethers.
That’s the house I left for college and then came back to.
That’s where I worked hard to learn who I was, and even more so who I was not.

I feel that as I have gotten older, this boxing up seems harder and harder to do.

Because with age you become more conscious of what happens when you leave a place—the dreadful dynamics of letting go, saying goodbye, leaving a community, leaving a place that has helped shape you. Each place holds countless memories, experiences, people, names, moments, laughter, tears, joy, failures and growth. And there I was, packing up another box of a place in my story.changeBut in the whirlwind of boxing up and moving, you realize that many experiences also come with unnecessary clutter. It is easy to allow the clutter of life to stack so high that it becomes hard to see what we value most in the present. Sometimes, letting things accumulate only weighs you down.

In this current season of my life, I have had to practice letting go. Whether it was letting go of old stuffed animals, worn out clothes, the house I grew up in, or unrequited relationships—for one reason or another, I have had to say goodbye.changeIt’s not easy to let go because change is never easy. Goodbyes mean change and change means uncertainty. Uncertainty is uncomfortable and scary, so we try to avoid it at all costs. But growth can only happen when you stop and honestly ask yourself: What is okay to box away right now? What do I need most now? And most importantly: What needs me most in this season of my life?

That’s what seasons of change are for. It’s the season of being present in what matters and letting go of the things that no longer fit you. It is the season of purifying and refining. It is the season of now.

I don’t know if I will ever fully let this house go in my heart because of who I have grown to be here, but I know I am forever thankful for this sunny home that loved me so well. As I left for the last time, I knew I was leaving with a heart full of beautiful memories that I hope resonate in these walls for years to come.moving away homechildhood home moving away change

Transitioning into a new season is a grand opportunity to reframe, cleanse and polish off various areas of your life.

It’s the time to release the things that piled up—whether it was old clothes, emotional weight, the dread of an upcoming change in your life or the frustration around a bad habit. Sometimes, it seems easier to hold these things in a box in a back corner of your closet, rather than bringing them out to light.

We all have these boxes. But it’s important to clear these things out in order to keep rediscovering your ever-evolving self in your new phases of life. By accepting and letting go, you feel lighter and more willing to accept the bright new changes life has in store for you.change quote

So, goodbye house—you were a good house.

daphne lefran

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