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Soludos: Soles of Summer

soludos shoesIt all started with one hot summer in New York. Nick Brown, the globetrotting entrepreneur, was in search of the authentic rope-soled shoes he used to sport during his summers along the Spanish coast. After struggling to find an affordable pair in the city, he took matters into his own hands— and in 2010, Soludos was born.

Espadrilles are currently having a moment in the fashion world, but it’s brands like Soludos that have taken these cute little jute-wrapped shoes and hit the ground running. Soludos gets creative with vivid colors, eclectic styles, and globally sourced textiles. They have introduced everything from wedges and sandals to lace-up and sneaker inspired espadrilles—giving this traditional shoe a full modern reincarnation.

By combining his passions for travel, sunshine and the Mediterranean— Nick has taken rope and canvas and woven it into a lifestyle.

In Spanish, salud means cheers and sol means sun, so Soludos translates to “cheers to the sun.” This shoe brand is basically an ode to bright warm summer days. It speaks to those who embrace a casual-chic style and crave adventure.

IMG_0515IMG_0545IMG_0481But the brand’s story is more than just palm trees and frozen daiquiris. Whether it’s the city, ocean or mountains, Soludos’s culture is all about the temporary escape.

It’s about breathing in fresh experiences. It’s about the travel, the art and the music; the characters you encounter and memories you make along the way.

Soludos is about celebrating that endless summer.

Soludos’s story of summer wanderlust is so organic—it resonates with the masses— and creative brands want to be apart of it. Soludos has racked up an impressive list of collaborations in its short 5-year span; my favorites including Mara Hoffman and J. Crew. Through each collaborative project, they’ve drawn in fresh energy and inspiration while still staying true to their brand’s aesthetic and integrity.

My absolute favorite is the current collaboration with NY artist Jason Polan. These patched-up shoes are inspired by the popular NYC foodie scene and are so quirky and fun—just looking at them gets you in a good mood. I haven’t snatched up a pair yet simply because it’s so hard to pick just one.

soludos jason polan


Their online/social media engagement is one that builds up the Soludos lifestyle through images of exotic places and sun-kissed people. They practically sold me their shoes through their social media.

I bought my first pair of Soludos in December. Yes, you read that right—I ordered summer footwear in the middle of winter. I guess it’s not that weird, since I live in Florida and all. But regardless, it just comes to show you how potent their sunny image is, no matter the season.

I bought the funky leather platform gladiator sandals in cognac leather. I had my eyes on these babes for a while so I was excited to finally make the purchase.

What I didn’t expect—and most definitely is worth mentioning—was just how much fun getting the shoes was going to be. First, they play a little game of hot-and-cold with you through the packaging.

soludos soludosThen, they even snuck in a little gift bag, which gave me all the heart-eyes. It contained a postcard, lip balm, a gold foil PINEAPPLE tattoo and a FRIENDSHIP BRACELET.

IMG_6046I don’t know about you, but anyone that gives me a friendship bracelet AND a pineapple tattoo is definitely a friend of mine. Soludos, you’re a good friend.

IMG_0575IMG_6065These rope-soled flats have become a summer essential— Soludos shoes will be sure to give you happy feet.

They are proof of how far a simple product with a deep-rooted vision can go. For Soludos, no canvas is too small.


Soludos Leather Platform Gladiator Sandal | Soludos Mimosa Smoking Slipper- SOLD OUT (find other styles here)


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